We’re nearly two weeks in to 2020, and fully recovered from the Quality Street and mulled wine induced sofa-bubble. First job has been planning out what the year has in store for Marketing Engine and we wanted to share it with you.

Here’s a sneak preview of the upcoming growth and developments…


Better together

Our priority for the foreseeable future is building out the integration library to accommodate all the most popular marketing tools you’re using day-to-day. This will ensure even more efficiency in creating your reports, and growing the correlation opportunities not usually available in one dashboard.


A canvas with a view

Canvases will soon be even more customisable, with the ability to add default timeline views per canvas, and the ordering of activities chronologically rather than alphabetically. We know this will make presentation and analysis even easier for marketers proving their impact to stakeholders.


Naming right

The Google Analytics integration is one of users’ favourite features and it’s about to get even better. The next change to data input will be the ability to rename the sources so ‘Goal 1 Completions’ becomes ‘Phone Calls – Reception Number’ or whatever you’re important measures may be.


Reaching out

We’re thrilled to be competing in the semi-finals of Tech Nation’s Rising Stars competition this week – and we’re aiming for it to be the first of many opportunities to meet new people and find out what you want from Marketing Engine. Watch this space!


Something you’d like to see from Marketing Engine? Email us at hello@wearemarketingengine.com.

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