But measuring the results of outdoor advertising is impossible! Isn’t it?


Marketing Engine allows you to measure the effectiveness of outdoor, multi-channel and integrated campaigns all in once place. Here’s how:

Create your canvas and include all the channels for your campaign. Add the schedule and your plan will automatically update.
We recommend one row per ‘channel and/or audience’, for example, for a student recruitment campaign you could have two rows for 6-sheets at the bus station; 6-sheets bus station parent messaging, and 6-sheets bus station – young person messaging.


Add data for the following metrics – starting from at least a month before the campaign began – the larger the data set the better as you can make comparisons between pre-, during and post-campaign:

  • organic search traffic (find on Google Analytics under ‘Acquisition’)
  • landing page traffic (if using a specific URL in the advert messaging – you can find this on Google Analytics under ‘Behaviour > Landing Page’)
  • total traffic to website (find on Google Analytics under ‘Audience’)
  • Sales/enquiry data – this depends on what the campaign was promoting. Add the number of sales/enquiries/applications/etc by day if you can (by week or month is good too but not as good as by day!).


Visualise the results of outdoor advertising and investigate the correlations…do all of these metrics increase when the advertising campaign is live? Maybe for a bit afterwards too? Then start to drop off? Or maybe there are increases around certain activities or channels – this is your chance to investigate. Toggle the data on and off, layer it up, or change the timescales to uncover patterns you can’t see anywhere else.


If you would like to start seeing the results of your outdoor advertising campaigns, you can sign up today from just £50 per month.


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