New to marketing attribution? Here are our top five tips to get you started.

  1. Relevance
    Only look at the data which are most relevant to your KPIs. There is no need to look at the number of social media followers if your primary objective is to increase sales on your ecommerce website. It would be better to look at sales volume, sales value, conversion rate and other key metrics.
  2. Timescales
    Look at different time periods and month-on-month and year-on-year data to look for increases, decreases, peaks and patterns. This is where you can make your biggest discoveries.
  3. Layers
    Layer data so that you can look for correlations between different results, for example, organic search and sales, or PR coverage and website traffic. Ask questions – when you get more website traffic from organic searches, do you get more sales? When you post more frequently on social media, do you get more followers? When you run an advertising campaign in your market’s magazines, do you get more phone calls?
  4. Records
    Record as much activity, actions and points of contact with your market. If you only input half the information, you get half the insights!
  5. Accuracy

Finally, it seems obvious but make sure your data is accurate! Be careful using data from the same day of analysis – it might not update in real time.

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